Two culinary journeys in Veracruz that take you to experience the real Mexico

Are you planning your next trip to Mexico, but seek a more cultural experience away from the tourist area? Take Veracruz into account! an easy-going ad friendly port city full of local people and magic attractions. Aside from deep caves, high mountains, fast rapids, and archaeological attractions, this magical city is also known for its unparalleled gastronomy and artisan coffee.

If you are visiting the city, you should definitely be part of these unique culinary experiences Veracruz offers:

A Culinary Experience through The Jamapa River

Despite the city boasts a wide variety of restaurants in historic downtown, the ideal destination to enjoy the authentic Veracruz gastronomy is the Jamapa River. Forming in Citlaltépetl (also known as Pico de Orizaba) and pouring into the Gulf of Mexico in the municipality of Boca del Río, this enchanting river is full of restaurants where you can taste the best Veracruz specialties.

Get on a boat and get ready for a memorable sailing outing that takes you among majestic mangroves, picture post-card houses, and multiple restaurants that sell the most delightful regional meals.

Given that all restaurants offer their own flavors and colors, we recommend you to stop at different spots and try one light meal per restaurant. For example, you may try a shrimp ceviche at the first spot, the emblematic Arroz a la Tumbada (a dich prepared with white rice and seafood) at the second one, the mouthwatering Picadas (small tortillas with a pinched-up rim around the edges to hold the filling) at the third one, and the typical tamales of the region at the fourth one.


A Coffee Journey in Cordoba

If you are a coffee lover, you should visit Sierra de Cordoba, a long jagged mountain chain that is known for being one of the most popular coffee-growing areas. There is no better way to enjoy coffee than a sensorial experience that takes you to learn the making process of this delightful beverage.

You may start this experience in the morning so you can have enough time to visit at least four coffee-growing areas in Cordoba. There is a wide variety of transportation options that may take you to this magic destination, from air-conditioned vans to comfortable buses. Whatever the transportation you choose, you will get to admire awe-inspiring mountain sceneries and lush vegetation while driving through Sierra de Cordoba.

We recommend you stop at the following places: San Bartolo´s coffe farm, known for its delicious cookies; Hacienda de Guadalupe, a beautiful colonial house where the first coffee seed was sown; Museo del Café, a museum located in historic downtown Cordoba; and Calefa, the coffee farm that highlights for being the first to elaborate products made of coffee.


All in all, there is no doubt that Veracruz is a great destination that will give you the cultural journey you were looking for in your visit to Mexico. Have you participated in a similar experience?


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