5 Advantages of Purchasing a Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may be the last thing on your mind when you´re booking a holiday, but it can be the most important thing when you´re in a crisis situation. Keep in mind that travelers are more vulnerable to illnesses and accidents when they´re in a strange land. Do not let anything spoil your vacations, get insured in time!

Whether you plan to enjoy exciting tours in Cancun and Riviera Maya, or travel to any other destination, Assist Card provides protection for you and your family while you are abroad. To ensure you understand the true benefits of this travel assistance, we have outlined the main advantages below:

  1. Medical Assistance

Imagine needing emergency medical attention in other country; you may not be able to communicate with doctors, and will surely pay too much for your treatment. With this travel insurance, you will be financially covered for your medical needs if you fall sick during yourt trip.


  1. Travel Accident Coverage

Ecotourism adventures are exciting, but what if you have an accident and need to be hospitalized. Aside from medical evacuation, hospitalization expenses, and medical treatment, this travel insurance provides transportation for a family member to help you until you get well.


  1. Lost or Stolen Travel Documents

Another important benefit of travel insurance is that it provides assistance in case your passport or any other travel document is lost or stolen. You will receive a replacement in a timely manner.


  1. Baggage lose or delay

Some of the most common and annoying holiday disasters involve lost or delayed baggage because you may need to purchase certain things out of your pocket. Now, it is possible to get repayment via this travel insurance.


  1. Legal Expenses

This gives you cover if you accidently damage someone´s property or hurt them in some way while you´re abroad. The travel insurance will provide you with a lawyer to defend you


No one wants to think that something bad is going to happen while traveling, but it doesn´t take much time for things to get out of hands. You can remain prepared for every eventuality, because after all it´s always better to be safe than sorry!

For more information about this travel insurance, call to 01 800 00 LOMAS / 52 998 881 9418.

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