9 tips for going to the beach with kids

Family beach vacations are wonderful! However, you have to consider that planning a beach trip with children means more than one bag of suppliers, otherwise; that magical getaway may turn into a headache.

To avoid a disaster and enjoy a fun day at the beach with your kids, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Protection from the sun

You´ll need more than just apply sunscreen when at the beach. Don´t forget to pack your hats, sunglasses and a beach umbrella. It is also a good idea to bring a sun tent when your little ones need some time out to rest.

  1. Accessories for toddlers

Taking toddlers to the beach guarantees at least triple the amount of planning and packing. Remember to bring along wipes, toilet paper, a sippy cup, baby powder, plastic/reusable plate and utensils, bibs, diapers, beach blanket, and a table cloth.


  1. Towels and swimsuits

We all know than packing towels and swimsuits for everyone is an essential part when planning a beach trip with kids. Remember that if you are staying at an all-inclusive hotel that provides towels, you are allowed to use them inside the property. You will definitely bring yours!


  1. Frozen beverages and snacks

Enjoying playing on the beach make children get hangry and thirsty. Consider bringing frozen water bottles or juice cartons, as well as lots of healthy snacks like graham crackers, fresh fruit, and granola bars. In that way, you don´t have to worry about bringing extra ice.


  1. Life jacket or toddler floaties

Aside from staying close to the lifeguard if an emergency occurs, it is important to pack a flotation device to keep kids safe while swimming.


  1. Sand Toys

Ensure a fun day at the beach packing a wide variety of small sand toys. Given that children love making sand castles or digging holes to bury their legs, make sure to bring the traditional pails, shovels, and water guns.


  1. First Aid Kit

Unfortunately, the warm weather of Cancun and Riviera Maya also brings along health and safety risks. To handle any kind of emergency, it I imperative you don´t forget important medications your family might need.


  1. Extra clothes

No one wants to wear an uncomfortable sandy swimsuit…especially a toddler who is hot and tired! Remember to bring an extra set of clothes for everyone in the family so you can avoid the dreaded sand inside everything.


  1. Plastic bags

Plastic shopping bags are your best friend at the beach as they will save you in any number of situations. Carrying plenty of them to the beach will ensure you have somewhere to collect your trash before you put it in the garbage, or your wet clothes.


Whether you are participating in a beach tour in Cancun or Riviera Maya, or just enjoying a refreshing swim on the sea, make your beach vacations wonderful following these tips. Do you have any other recommendation?

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