Genius DIY Online Travel Booking Hacks to save you stacks of money


Digital Hacks Thanks to the Internet, booking travel online is simple. These effective and easy-to-use digital hacks will help to save you thousands of dollars over the years. Conventional wisdom has long held that the cheapest fares are for Tuesday or Wednesday departures. But our research turns this ‘fly midweek’ wisdom on its head. TGIF […]

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Christmas at Cancun: 4 Recommendations for a memorable vacation


Are you seeking the perfect Christmas vacations to Cancun? You´ve come to the right place. Given that this holiday is represented by a sweater-clad family next to a traditional tree, most visitors don’t know where to spend their holidays. With a wide variety of activities, hotels, typical meals, traditions, and vacation packages, spending Christmas abroad […]

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A new law in Mexico that protects you from flight delays and cancellations


You´ve probably experienced the frequency with which airlines tend to delay or even cancel flights, a situation that definitely becomes frustrating and annoying. But, we have good news for you! The Mexico government issued this June 27th, 2017 a new law with changes to compensation requirements that benefit passengers when there is inconvenience due to […]

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