Come to Leon in Mexico this 2018

Have you come to Mexico this year? If your answer is yes, maybe the places you have visited are beaches during the spring break or summer, but Mexico is more than that. You may have seen the pictures of colonial cities, which are lovely; however, they are also large cities with a lot of things to do with your family and friends. That’s why we want to invite to Leon in Mexico this 2018, in the state of Guanajuato.


Leon: Shoes and leather

Leon is a modern city with a solid industry and is famous in all Mexico thanks to the shoe production. Actually, there are important brands that decided to stablish their factories here. It’s a paradise for those who love shopping because you can find great deals in shoes and leather articles, such as wallets, women purses, bags, sandals and so many other thigs.

Feria de Leon

Have you ever heard about the Mexican fairs? They are huge open-aired events with a lot of options for foodies, exciting rides and many things to do for families and friends. The one held in Leon, known as Feria de Leon, is one of the biggest all around the country and a great opportunity to immerse yourself into de Mexican culture. Buy beautiful handcrafts, get some fun with the family activities or be part of the concerts of national artists.


Feria de Leon 2018 is going to have place from January 12th to Februrary 6th. The Mexican duet Jessie & Joey will be part of the inaugural event. You must hear the sweet voice of Jessie, the vocalist, combined with the great notes of Joey’s acoustic guitar, her brother. Napoleon, a talented artist that is a legend in Mexico thanks to his best hits during the 70s and 80’s´, is also part of the list of activities during the first day of the fair.

Festival Internacional del Globo de Leon

It is amazing to see the hot air balloons flying in the sky, isn’t it? Well, this festival in Leon is an opportunity for this! Here, you can see all the figures and colors you can imagine. We think you should consider coming to the Festival Internacional de Globo de Leon, that usually has place during October or November. You’re going to love it!


Break the habit and come to Leon Mexico in 2018! We can help you giving you options about where to stay, how to find cheap flights and what to do. Actually, you can also spend some days in the colonial city of Guanajuato, located only 1 hour away from Leon. We think you’re going to love Guanajuato because is a really cultural place where you can see the Mexican soul and colors.

Have you ever been in Leon? What do you think about the city? Is there anything you want to recommend?

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