Apple Leisure Group and Mark Travel Corporation Announce Merger

Apple Leisure Group and Mark Travel Corporation Announced Merger

April 3rd 2018. Cancun, Mexico

Acknowledging the announcement yesterday on the merger of Apple Leisure Group and The Mark Travel Corporation, we want to start by recognizing the years of support Lomas Travel has received from the LaMacchia Family and the entire team at The Mark Travel Corporation.

Back in 1981 we started working with Apple Tours and with great pride we grew together until 1988. After that, we had to take one of our hardest decisions and we choose to support The Mark Travel Corporation and have been side by side for over 30 years.

While the details of the merger are finalized, we want to reinforce the vision and mission of Lomas Travel. Lomas Travel started 36 years ago and year by year, we have grown stronger, in our partnerships and the relationships we have built with you – the travel agents who support Lomas.

We continue to be committed, as always to The Mark Travel Corporation and you, the travel agents during this transitional period. Our commitment remains the same today, as it always has been; to provide our mutual clients the best experience the destination of Mexico has to offer. We understand the importance of trusting in Lomas, our services and especially, our team and rest assured, we will continue to not only live up to your expectations, but exceed them.

Our intent with this message is simple; With every change, there is opportunity and we welcome the opportunity that this merger will have for all of us to continue growing together. We look forward to your continued support of Lomas Travel and the destination of Mexico.

Don’t ever forget; Mexico Loves You!


Dolores López Lira

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