Tourism Diplomacy Council

Sectur and SRE announce Tourism Diplomacy Council to promote Mexico overseas

Following the dissolution of the Mexico Tourism Board in May, the government has announced it has established the Tourism Diplomacy Council. Consequently, the Council`s aim is to plan, design and implement promotional strategies at the international level.

The heads of the Secretariats of Tourism (Sectur) and Foreign Affairs (SRE), Miguel Marqués and Marcelo Ebrard, sealed the alliance.

Tourism Diplomacy Council

The Tourism Diplomacy Council reaffirms the current administration`s interest in strengthening Mexico`s image as an international tourism destination. Besides this, the Council`s aim is to promote the quality, diversity and authenticity of Mexico`s attractions overseas.

Both secretaries will lead 28 important entrepreneurs within the tourism sector. Most notably, the experts committed to this program will include: Darío Flota Ocampo, director of the Tourist Promotion Council of Quintana Roo; Daniel Chávez, president of Grupo Vidanta; Sergio Allard of Aeromexico; Miguel Aleman Magnani of Interjet, Pablo Azcárraga, president of CNET.

In this joint taskforce, the Ministry of Tourism has the mandate to care for and give content to the tourism policy of the Federal Government. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will fulfill the mission of collaborating with the international promotion of Mexico, through embassies and consulates.

Consequently, the Ministry of Tourism will implement a series of programs and actions in the field of promotion and dissemination. Crucially, each program will help Mexico to reaffirm itself amongst the world`s elite tourist nations.

Importantly, one such action will be to join forces with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote Mexico in the international market.

In August, officials will create a specialized training course for diplomatic representatives in 80 embassies and 67 consulates. This will be coordinated with the Institute of Human Rights.

Following the dissolution of the original Tourism Council this new initiative will certainly provide a much welcomed boost to Mexico`s Tourism sector.

Year on Year Tourism Keeps Growing

Secretary Marques said that through the first five months of 2019, 18.2 million international tourists arrived in Mexico. This represents a 5.9 percent increase over the same period of 2018. Tourism also contributed $10 billion to the economy during the same period, a 15.4 percent increase.

Therefore the bottom line is this: Promotion is essential because you cannot sell what is not visible.

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