Breaking Bread PdC

Breaking Bread PdC Debunks Myths about Mexico

Breaking Bread PdC is an exciting new experience for visitors to Cancun/Riviera Maya. Visitors get to meet local residents in an informal setting and discover the truth about Mexico. Most notably, Breaking Bread PdC debunks the myth that Mexico is  “dangerous” and has a “third world atmosphere”

Mi casa es tu casa

Consequently, by meeting local residents in their own homes, talking and exchanging ideas, visitors quickly learn that this is not the case. Crucially, Breaking Bread PdC´s hosts share a very special “secret” with travelers. Quintana Roo is a world class destination rich with culture, history and wonderful, hardworking, friendly & interesting people.

Continuous negative media hype about Mexico in general and Cancun and the Riviera Maya in particular is tedious and unfair.  Millions of people devote their lives to Mexico´s hugely popular travel industry. Carl Howard is the co-founder of Breaking Bread PdC and an affiliate agent of Bentley Hedges Travel based in Oklahoma City.

First and foremost, Carl knows a thing or two about Mexico because he is a highly successful travel agent. His specialties are destination weddings and romance travel. From this perspective, Carl has spent a lot of time with groups (not to mention personal vacations) in Riviera Maya, Mexico. As a result of his work, Carl has made an entourage of friends with local people who work tirelessly at the various hotels in the region.

One of these people is his long time friend, Luiz Magaña. Carl met Luiz over seven years ago as a guest relations ambassador working at Generations Riviera Maya Resort.  Together, After agreeing that Mexico had acquired a falsely negative image, Carl and Luiz came up with an inspired idea to create real-life encounters for visitors. (not a traditional tour of ruins, nightlife, etc.) Their overriding goal is to dispel the media-influenced “fear factor” of the region.

Breaking Bread PdC also helps to support a senior community in the area as well as collect school supplies for children in need.

Breaking Bread PdC, Breaking Bad News

The initiative is a multicultural tour experience. Most importantly, it allows hotel guests to meet and really learn about the people who live in the area. From the original meaning of “sharing the loaf,” hotel guests go and visit the home of one of Breaking Bread PdC`s local hosts and share a light meal or snack and beverages.

The “Secret” is out

By meeting local residents in their home, talking and exchanging ideas, hosts and visitors can get the message out. The secret is simply that Quintana Roo is a world-class destination, rich with culture, history and wonderful, hardworking, friendly and interesting people.

Breaking Bread PdC`s detailed interview process includes a home visit with each of its hosts (they call them “bakers”).  The reward for inquisitive travelers is a unique experience with an amazing group of hosts. All of them are eager to share their love of the area as well as great food, history, culture, music and more.

Pick a baker, pick a story

Breaking Bread PdC experiences include a host of the client’s choosing. A diverse range of hand picked hosts means that visitors receive a different take on what life is really like in Riviera Maya. Meet Carol for instance. Carol hails originally from Canada. She has been living in Mexico for 20 years.  Carol has a lovely new home in Playa and is a single “mom”- of two dogs & 2 cats. (Martini, Kahlua, Tequila & Bailey) Besides that, Carol works in tourism and is also a DJ. She also happens to be a very good vegetarian cook!

DJ Carol has lived in Playa del Carmen for 20 years

DJ Carol has lived in Playa del Carmen for 20 years

Alternatively, you can break bread with Oscar.  Oscar recently moved to Playa from Mexico City where he worked as an actor. Most notably, he appeared in an HBO Latino series as well as on NETFLIX. Besides acting, Oscar also loves to cook and to have guests visit.

Travel in style with Lomas Travel

Private (non-shared) transportation to the host’s home is provided with Lomas Travel, the exclusive transportation service providers for Breaking Bread PdC. For participants’ peace of mind, our driver remains with you until it is time to return to your hotel. Subject to host availability, an experience can be scheduled any day of the week. Essentially, it is advisable to book this tour in advance to avoid disappointment. The experience includes either 4-hour or 6-hour door-to-door transportation, host “baker” of their choosing and a meal or snack plus beverages.

Breaking Bread, Bitesize Group Experiences

Future plans include Breaking Bread Small Group Experiences for birthdays, anniversary, engagement, bachelorette parties and special holiday events.  Plans are also afoot for Breaking Bread Community Experiences. Ideas for these include regular (monthly) events with a local pet rescue mission. Also in the pipeline is an interaction program with a senior group and a groundbreaking local ecology group working to combat sargazo.

Breaking Bread PdC, Fresh from the oven

You can learn more about this program at the official Breaking Bread PdC website Similarly, visit their YouTube channel, their Pinterest board or follow #breakingbreadpdc on Facebook.

Lomas Travel is confident that this project will help to boost the popularity of this beautiful region – even if it is by just one loaf of bread at a time.

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