10 Dishes You Must Try on Your Visit to Mexico

The Mexican Independence Day is around the corner, and during the following days you will find this country readying to throw an epic Mexican celebration full of colour, music and the most amazing food.


From savoury snacks to the most elaborate dishes, Mexican cuisine is a delight with a wide variety of options that will make each dining experience a pleasing surprise. Don’t get lost in the infinite list of dishes, and follow our recommendation of the 10 dishes you most taste on your visit to Mexico:


  1. Tacos: Whether you enjoy them at a Street cart or at a colourful venue, Mexican tacos are definitely the best. A warm soft tortilla filled with different kinds of meat and vegetables –Yes there are veggie tacos- dressed with a home-made spicy sauce. Make sure to ask for tacos al pastor, you will never think of tacos in the same way!


  1. Mole: Exquisite taken to the next level. This dish can be prepared in different base is a paste made from spices, chillies, cacao and much more. Commonly served dressing chicken or turkey, the flavourful variety of mole preparations is worth a try!


  1. Chilaquiles: Tortilla chips bathed in green or red sauce, cream and fresh cheese. Sometimes served with chicken, eggs, or beef strips, it is most commonly served as breakfast, definitely a great way to start your day!


  1. Pozole: A must and one of the main components of a Mexican celebration feast. An ancestral recipe of hominy corn soup stewed for hours with chicken, pork or veggies, which makes the corn soft and the broth to have the full flavour of the meat and condiments that ensure a variety from which to choose. Usually topped with fresh shredded lettuce, radish, onion, oregano, and chilli powder, at your own taste.


  1. Elotes/Esquites: More than corn on the cob. Delight with the soft maize, boiled to perfection and served either as corn on a stick like a skewer (Elote) or in a cup of warm kernels boiled with epazote (Esquite). Commonly served at taste of the customer with lime juice, a powdered chilli, Mayonnaise –or sometimes sour cream- , and shredded fresh cheese


  1. Tamales: Savoury deliciousness wrapped in banana-tree leaf or corn husks. This corn-dough preparation is served hot and can be found in most cities and towns, with a wide range of flavours that go from meaty, spicy and veggie to sweet and fruity. Usually served as a late dinner or supper…


  1. Chiles Rellenos: a Poblano pepper, which usually has a mild-spicy flavour, stuffed with meat or cheese, dipped in battered egg and flour, and fried. Served with a thin tomato sauce. The Chiles en Nogada deserve to be mentioned, far more than just a stuffed pepper, this dish has a precise preparation that includes ingredients only available in the late summer season, and you can find it from August to the end of September.


  1. Guacamole: Another ancestral recipe that dates back to Aztec times, this avocado sauce is famous all around the world, with different preparations and presentations. Make sure to taste it as a side dish, as a dip or its skinnier version: as a sauce to dress your tacos.


  1. Cochinita Pibil: a typical dish from Yucatan, prepare your palate to surrender to the citric and spicy flavour of the soft pulled pork meat, garnished with red onion and habanero sauce if you are brave enough.


  1. Enchiladas: Picture a lightly fried chicken or cheese tacos bathed in the most succulent sauce; either mild tomato or spicy chilly-and-green-tomato, covered with gratin cheese… Hungry now?


So this is our list of the dishes you MUST try on your visit to Mexico. Do you like Mexican food? Have you tasted this dishes? Please tell us and share with us which are your favourite Mexican delights.

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