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Recommendations for an Amazing Vacation at Cancun and Riviera Maya

Travelling is living. Going to different places and having great adventures in magic and exotic destinations is a dream that comes true with each moment of our experience.

The perfect vacation in Cancun and Riviera Maya await for you now that Spring and Summer are right behind the corner, and we, as Destination and travel experts have some recommendations for you to enjoy and make the most from your experience:

1. Know the Destination.

cancun recommendations

Visit the most famous attractions in Cancun and Riviera Maya

You may be looking for a vibrant nightlife, or maybe for secluded beaches for a romantic escapade, ecotourism or a shopping spree in the most exclusive boutiques… Research, in order to make the most from your vacation, and “expect the unexpected.”

2. Book your Flight.

cancun recommendations

Cancun has flights to the main destinations in Mexico

Arriving to your destination is the first step of your adventure. Avoid delays, headaches and sour experiences by booking the best options in overseas flights, domestic flights, or air-shuttles .

3. Regarding the Accommodation.

cancun recommendations

You can find the best accommodations in Cancun and Riviera Maya

Investigate, read the reviews from different websites, and look for the best rates and deals in Cancun and Riviera Maya . Book the hotel that suits your needs and make the most informed choice possible.

4. From the Airport to your Hotel.

cancun recommendations

Cancun offers the best Hotel – Airport transportation services

Don’t get lost in translation when looking for a way to get to your hotel, and avoid long waits after your flight. Book beforehand airport-hotel transportation and arrive safely, comfortably and on time.

5. Taste the Local Food.

cancun recommendations

Enjoy the famous gastronomy in Mexico

Forget about the diet and indulge in the local cuisine, it is part of the experience! Mexican flavours are so exquisite and unite that you will remember when back home… just be careful with the local sayings about spiciness and special features of their food.

6. Immerse Yourself in the Local Environment. 

cancun recommendations

Discover the most famous places in Cancun and Riviera Maya

Whether you are going solo, with your significant other, family or friends, you will not experience any place if you don’t explore the downtown, the nearby villages, markets, and the traditions of the locals. These are the seasoning of every moment, and most of times, what outstands and makes your vacation exceptional.

7. Witness and Take Part of the Local Culture. 

cancun recommendations

The Mayans: one of the most ancient cultures in México

Enticing beaches, wild nature and secluded boutique hotels in hidden beaches… Yet, all the traditions, cuisine and customs you are being part of are part of the cultural inheritance of your destination. Visit its archaeological sites , local expositions and events. It is part of the experience.

8. Leave your Fears Behind. 

cancun recommendations

Have fun with the tours in Cancun and Riviera Maya

Feel the adrenaline of challenging the sea riding a waverunner, own the heights with a jetpack or parasailing, explore exotic landscapes, have a thrilling adventure and experience your vacation to its fullest .

9. Enjoy the Nights. 

cancun recommendations

Discover the nightlife in Cancun

Romantic sunsets to have the perfect date with your couple , clean nights to ponder by the moonlight and vibrant nightlife… You never know what surprise the night will bring.

10. Get to Know Yourself.

cancun recommendations

Appreciate at the fullest your trip to the Mexican Caribbean

Travelling allows us to explore and discover different aspects of our inner selves, ponder about the direction our life has taken and grow.

11. Seize the Moment.

cancun recommendations

Live an unforgettable experience with your vacations in Cancun

Each trip, each vacation and each moment is unique. Live it at its full, capture it and fill your days with memorable stories to retell… So, what are you waiting for, plan your next vacation now!

Find in Lomas Travel all you need to plan and have a perfect vacation, we provide you with the most exclusive services from: Hotels in Mexico, Tours in Cancun and Riviera Maya, Cancun Airport Transportation and full support 24/7 , we want you to live the Mexican Caribbean at its fullest! We care and it shows!

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  1. If you stay at the Occidental Grand XCaret, you must go see Miguel in Bldg 19. He is honest, professional, kind, knowledgeable, fun and thorough. I am absolutely positive Miguel took our vacation from great to amazing. Thank you, Miguel! I wish you the best.

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