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10 Oscar Nominations, Alfonso Cuarón.

Roma, the 2018 movie by Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón has been nominated for 10 oscars. Set in 1970 and 1971, the film is a semi-autobiographical take on Cuarón’s upbringing in Mexico City. The title refers to Roma district, a middle-class neighborhood in Mexico city. Like many movies that came before it, Roma`s film location has triggered a speight of tourism interest.

Moviegoers are showing up to photograph the movie`s now iconic buiding locations such as 21 Tepeji Avenue, Roma district – the house depicted in the movie where Alfonso Cuaron grew up.

Lomas Travel invites you to follow the ‘ Roma Route’ and discover the places that inspired Alfonso Cuarón`s hit movie

-22 Tepeji Street, Colonia Roma – the house where the movie was filmed.

-21 Tepeji Street, Colonia Roma – the original house of Cuaron’s family, located opposite the filming location house.

-Kinder Condesa at 105 Tlaxcala street, colonia Roma.

-Ribera de San Cosme avenue and Lauro Aguirre street, where the Corpus Christi massacre occurred.

-The building of the furniture store and the school depicted in the movie is now a gym.

‘Roma’ recreates Mexico City from the 70s, when the country went through historical events that marked its course. These events were captured in scenarios faithfully reproduced when considering those where the events took place. They are places that are part of the narrative of the film and that, in some cases, still remain hidden within the urban landscape of Mexico City.

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Fachada de la icónica casa de la familia. Foto: Javier Lira/Notimex.

Located in Colonia Roma, this house is the home where the characters of the film live. For the purposes of the film, only the façade was used. The interior of the house was reconstructed in a set according to the memories of Cuarón. The objective was to recreate the house where his youth lived in the Roma neighborhood.Dirección: Tepeji 21, Roma Sur, Cuauhtémoc.

La Casa del Pavo

Inside the “La casa del pavo” restaurant, located in Mexico City`s Historial centre. Foto: Javier Lira/Notimex.
This restaurant is located in the heart of Mexico City, in the Historical Center. This is where Cleo and Adela eat on their days off. This place was inaugurated in 1901, offering its specialty since then: turkey cakes (although many claim that the cod ones are even better).Dirección: Motolinia 40, Centro Histórico, Centro.
Cine de las Américas

Although its original structure no longer exists, this cinema that opened its doors to the public in 1952 was recreated in its entirety in one of the largest sets so far reconstructed in a Cuarón movie to immortalize the place where the characters go to the movies, as well as he did in his childhood. Currently, what was the Cinema of the Americas is part of the Blackberry Auditorium.
Dirección: Tlaxcala 160, Hipódromo Condesa.

Teatro Metropolitan

This venue stands out for having an art deco facade inspired by the Rockefeller Center and the Radio City Music Hall in New York. It operated constantly until its closure in the 90s and later reopened its doors to be what is now known as a center of entertainment.
Dirección: Av. Independencia 90, colonia Centro.

Theatre mexico city










Fachada del Teatro Metropolitan. Foto: Javier Lira/Notimex.

Kinder Condesa

Fachada del Kinder Condesa, 2018. Foto: Javier Lira/Notimex.
This Kindergarten served as the location for the film, where the character of Cleo attended every day for the smallest member of the family she worked for. A place that bears the name of Kinder Condesa despite the fact that its true location is the South Rome and that it has been in operation for the last 70 years.Dirección: Tlaxcala 105, Roma Sur, Cuauhtémoc.
Metro Normal

Cuarón introduced into ‘Roma’ one of the most controversial events in the history of Mexico, which happened near this subway station on June 10, 1971, when a peaceful demonstration of students in support of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon was Violated and repressed by the paramilitary group known as “Los Halcones”, which infiltrated, killing at least 120 people. The authorities never took responsibility for the acts and those responsible were never caught.
Dirección: Calzada México – Tacuba y Avenida de los Maestros, Tlaxpana.

roma-Alfonso Cuarón-imss

Hospital Siglo XXI

Foto: Thomas Ledl/Wikicommons.
This place formerly known as “National Medical Center of the IMSS”, is a fundamental part of the plot of ‘Roma’. This is where Cleo’s character will change his life. This building was seriously affected in the 1985 earthquake, so after its reconstruction it changed the name by which it is currently known. Inside are murals of artists, including David Alfaro Siqueiros.
Dirección: Av. Cuauhtémoc 330, Doctores, Cuauhtémoc.

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