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Summer in Southeastern Mexico

Summer in Southeastern Mexico brings the highest temperatures and longest days of the year. It also brings refreshing monsoon rains to the sub-tropical jungles of Chiapas as well as the beach-laden states of the Yucatán peninsula.

Summer in Southeastern Mexico

Mexican summertime begins on June 21st. Mexico’s summer days offer extended daylight hours. Summer in Southeastern Mexico is certainly one of the most resplendant times of the year to plan a visit. Visitors have the ideal opportunity to experience an abundance of color, culture, and charisma that is evident throughout Mexico´s biodiverse regions.

Even when the rains come, the flora show-off their brightest colors. Nature releases delicate subtleties of natural fragrances. Besides that, rivers and lakes swell and the searing heat is tempered by revitalizing rain along the mainland coasts. This also helps to satiate some of the humidity.

The states of Yucatán, Quintana Roo, Chiapas (with its highland jungles), Tabasco, and Campeche are hottest between May and September. Afternoon rain storms tend to arrive without warning.  This region is also susceptible to hurricanes making landfall from the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific, and Caribbean waters. However an abundance of marine life also visit the shores of the Yucatan between Maya and September.  Tourists flock here to witness the migration of sea turtles, flamingos and whale sharks.

Whale Sharks tour in holbox

The annual Whale Shark Migration occurs from May to September

Hurricanes Dissipate

By October, the Yucatan´s smoldering temperatures begin to dissipate. Then by late November it’s virtually impossible for these storms to precipitate. When schools break-up for summer recess, Mexico’s beaches, popular colonial cities, and archaeology parks become packed with families on vacation. In particular, July and August are the busiest summer months in the travel business. Mexican families and foreign tourists enjoy all the natural splendor and abundance of watersports on offer.

Mexico’s Independence Day

The peak of the summer season passes around mid-August. Mexico’s Independence Day parties on September 16th tend to herald the turn of the seasonal cycle, as the climate pattern begins to turn once more; the hurricane season abates, and heat of summer yields to a cooler, atmospheric autumn.

Find out more about all the great outdoor adventures and pursuits that are available only throughout the summer season in Cancun and Riviera Maya.

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