The Environment, We Care and It Shows

One of the main attractions of Mexico is its lush nature and abundant ecosystems. We all enjoy verdant jungles, dreamlike beaches, eerie forests and majestic canyons… All of which make this nation a fascinating destination, mainly renowned by the unparalleled beaches of its Caribbean coast.


Yet, recent events have affected the natural beauty and order of our world. A clear example of this is the sargassum tide that has invaded the beaches of the Caribbean. This phenomena, attributed to the change in weather patterns undermines the experience of all our dear visitors and the lifestyle of all of us, residents of the area, alike. Concerned by this problem, in Lomas Travel we have taken part in the effort to maintain the beautiful white-sanded beaches by getting designed a special vessel to collect this algae from the coastline.

This vessel is added to our effort to reduce our impact in nature, maintain our resources and restore the ecosystem. A joint effort with El Dorado Spa Resorts and Generations Resorts, which in addition to their energy saving air conditioning systems with electrical converters, laundry water filters and heat recovery systems,  and solar powered water heating systems, are making history with an unprecedented project. Kan-Kanán.


Kan-Kanán is an environmental project never-seen before, it will cover a 1.9-kilometer area parallel to the coast of Punta Brava. From above, this monumental reef looks like a huge serpent guarding the coast, giving birth to its name: Kan-Kanán, which means “The Guarding Serpent” in Mayan. This monumental artificial reef is made of 1,000 hollow pyramidal structures created on a concrete and micro silica base. These materials and structure make it an environmentally friendly construction that allows nutrients to attach, resulting in the regeneration of marine life.


We are part of the change and effort to maintain and restore our world because… In Lomas Travel We Care and it shows!

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  1. I have been a member of Exotic for 10 years. One of the reasons was the care Sr. Martinez shows to the environment and to his people

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