Top Manly Man Activities in Mexico


The thrill of hang gliding, the unfathomable secrets of exploring underwater caves, the amazement of discovering unparalleled landscapes… The adrenaline rush that spices your vacation up! Mexico, as the enthralling destination that it is, has a vast array of activities that will take you from the fantasy-like underground caves and rives to breathtaking adventures in the heights.


So, if you are a thrill seeker, or just love to live new and unforgettable experiences, you might like to consider the activities in the list of what we consider the top extreme adventures in Mexico:



  • ATVs: Let’s say you prefer a handlebar rather than a steering wheel… Then go through the mangroves, sand dunes, and verdant jungle scenarios riding an ATV


  • Sky rider: A seat specially designed to take you to up to a 328 ft. (100 m) height; an unimagined view for those who fear not the altitude and want to make the most from their visit to the Mexican Caribbean.


  • Exotic Rides: At its own racetrack in Cancun or at Riviera Maya’s highway, Drive the most luxurious and fast engines and let the adrenaline run freely through your veins as you step on the gas pedal


  • Zip Lines: Going to a high point just to embrace full speed as you slide across unparalleled landscapes. Treetops at your feet and the as you feel, breath and see the vast jungle and fascinating landscapes on day and night.


  • Rafting: Fight the river currents or sway by the rhythm of the sea! In Mexico you will find the most enticing destinations from coast to coast to enjoy this activity.


  • Hang gliding: A popular activity among the bold ones, Master the skies at the main destination to enjoy this activity: Valle de Bravo, in located at 3 hours from Mexico City


  • Caving: Exploring underground passages and rivers is not only a spelunker’s activity, get within the realms of eerie landscapes and adventure onto the south of this amazing country, where the greatest caves are found.


  • Skydiving: The freefall… one of the greatest sensations you may have, there is nothing compared to the freedom and thrill you can feel as you approach to the perfect spot to open your parachute. You can find this activity in the countryside and in most beach destinations.



So man or woman up, for Mexico awaits with the greatest adventures for those craving for the extreme!


Experience Mexico, and share with us us, which activities do you think are the boldest, manliest and most thrilling in Mexico.

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  1. Wow, that’s real fun that all wants to do. Thanks for sharing such helpful post and I will surely try to do this at Mexico. Apart from the oncoming month I am going there with some of my friends and already did all basic needs as a booking vehicle for transport from Cancun through nasttransfers, hotel booking and guide booking etc. Hope we will have great Advanture there.

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