Travel Safety and Security in Mexico

Safety and Security. The untold truth about Mexico

Travel Safety and Security in Mexico

We receive a lot of questions from people asking about the current situation regarding travel safety and security in Mexico. To provide some perspective, here are some of the compelling reasons which demonstrate why Mexico, despite its issues, is a safe travel destination.

Mexico continues to attract a record number of international visitors

Despite negative news flow, especially about drug-related violence, people keep coming to Mexico. According to Mexico’s National Statistics Institute, the country is LATAM´s most visited destinations by international visitors.

Travel safety and security in Mexico

Mexico`s top travel destinations do not have Travel Advisory warnings from the US State Dept

One of the world’s most important economies

Today Mexico is one of the world’s few ‘trillion-dollar’ economies and mature nations are keen to work with her. Economic policy here encourages trade and partnership. Mexico has tariff-free trade agreements with 46 countries around the world. This, coupled with years of sound macro-economic management, have created an attractive environment for investors and foreign companies alike.

No foreign resident exodus

If travel safety and security in Mexico is such an issue, why are existing foreign residents staying put and inquiries for relocation to Mexico growing? In fact, Mexico’s government is expecting its expat communities to grow over the coming decade. The Mexican government offers a variety of ways to facilitate this. By welcoming foreign residents—who bring their energy and capital to Mexico—this in turn creates significant mutual benefits.

Violence is mostly confined to drug-gangs. Tourists, business visitors, and foreign residents are NOT targets for the drug-gangs.  Moreover, statistics from foreign consulates show that the overwhelming majority of visits to Mexico pass by trouble-free. Figures show that the surge of homicides in Mexico over the last decade has come about through criminal gang members fighting each other.

Mexico matters

The country is a good neighbor to the U.S.A. It is also one of the world’s most important emerging markets. Mexico and the U.S. share a broad range of common economic, social, and security interests. Behind the scenes both nations continue to work closely together on issues concerning trade and security.  The country took a positive approach to the NAFTA re-negotiations — now titled the USMCA — advocating an agile trading framework to benefit all three countries involved.

Our underlying story remains strong and our macro-economics are in good shape.   Oil and gas reserves are substantial. So too are the nation´s considerable mineral and precious metal wealth. In recent times, the country has been enacting structural reforms across key industrial sectors with the intention to transition the country’s economy away from being heavily dependent on oil and manufacturing.

In summary

Foreign visitors keep coming despite the negative travel safety and security news propaganda.  Mexico’s free trade agreements are bridges which cultivate understanding, trade and prosperity between the signatories of these accords.

Every day, tourists arrive in Mexico to rest themselves and enjoy its rich culture and heritage. Business visitors arrive to trade, cultivate friendships and agree deals that create new wealth. And finally, foreign residents living here are going about their lives normally and contributing positively in the Mexican communities they love calling home.

These activities don’t make the headlines or sell newspapers, but they are indeed the real-life experiences of people visiting and living safely in Mexico.

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