Dolores López Lira

Dolores López Lira Receives Luminary Award at first ever All-Female Leaders in Travel Conclave

Guest of honor Dolores López Lira received the Luminary Award at the first ever All- Female Leaders in Travel Conclave.

Event organizer Jennifer Doncsecz, President of VIP Vacations Inc. invited 23 of the USA and Canada´s most successful travel advisors for a 4 day workshop in Cancun. The first ever all female travel conclave´s attendees surpassed $600 million dollars in sales in 2018.

During the event, North America´s elite travel operators recognized Grupo Lomas Travel´s Dolores López Lira with a Luminary Award for her role in supporting female travel agents and travel tour operators for nearly 4 decades.

Dolores López Lira

The first ever Female Travel Leaders Conclave

Luminary Award

Sra. Dolores López Lira, General Director, Grupo Lomas received the first Luminary Award as an honored guest at the first ever Female Leaders in Travel Conclave from Jennifer Doncsecz, President of VIP Vacations Inc. and creator of this conclave.

Firstly, in an emotional interview conducted by Jennifer Doncsecz, Sra. Dolores López Lira described the tough business choices that she and her co-founder husband Joe Martinez had made over 38 years of running Mexico´s most loved DMC. Going back to when it all began in 1981, in Acapulco, Sra. Dolores described how gender discrimination nearly robbed her of the opportunity to become a travel agency director.

Thanks to her relentless drive and determination, Dolores overcame gender related obstacles by opting to start her own business. Hence, since the 1980s she has been at the pinnacle of the travel industry thanks also in large part, to the support of her husband José Martínez Alday.

Dolores López Lira

For Dolores López Lira, putting people first is one of the key reasons why she believes that Grupo Lomas has prospered and remained united for nearly 4 decades. Besides the company´s exponential growth, Grupo Lomas´ people-centric vision has won several accolades for Corporate and Social Responsibility.

Receiving the Luminary Award, General Director Dolores López Lira said; “The Female Leaders in Travel Luminary Award is the first time the role is reversed. Today I am a recipient and not a presenter of the GIVC Diamond Award, an award which Lomas Travel gives to the world´s leading travel professionals.”

Hard Learned Lessons

In a forum created for sharing, each travel conclave attendee shared the story behind their success.  Besides this, they also offered learning tools as well as the valuable business lessons they had learned throughout their personal journeys.

Crucially, the conclave´s mission is to form a wolf pack. Besides eradicating stereotypes, this initiative will now enable women to mutually support one another and build stronger travel businesses.

Despite their individual successes, it remains clear however that women travel leaders face different professional and emotional challenges than men. To this day, men still dominate travel conglomerate boardrooms throughout North America.

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