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10 souvenirs you must get from Mexico

Your business trip was a success, your stay… unparalleled, and your vacation full of fun activities and memorable moments that you will keep forever. Mexico has charmed you and you want to share its magic with your friends and family who stayed back home, but have no idea of which are the best and most representative gifts you can get.

Well, you are lucky, because we have collected the list of the top 10 souvenirs from Mexico:

  1. Bead Crafts: Characteristic from the Huichol Indians, the craftsmanship behind the vivid sculptures and jewelry is the soul of these tribes expressing in a fascinating form of art.souvenirs from mexico
  2. Clay handcrafts: dedication and an amazing portrayal of Mexico are imprinted in what seems like simple clay figurines, colorful skulls and religious decorations, replicas of Aztec and Mayan artifacts, and pottery as amazing as the fine works of black clay from the state of Oaxaca.souvenirs from mexico
  3. Coffee: To all of us who delight in the pleasure of a freshly-brewed cup of joe, it is known that Mexico has some of the best-quality grains.souvenirs from mexico
  4. Salsa (hot sauce): Mexican cuisine is characterized by its rich flavors and spicy complements… If you, or someone you know, is a spicy-food-aficionado, don’t hesitate to take at least a bottle back home with you.souvenirs from mexico
  5. Talavera Pottery: Clay pottery distinguished by its colors and milky-white glaze. These beautiful pieces are crafted in the city of Puebla and the nearby communities in the state of Puebla; yet you can find places to buy Talavera pottery in almost every main destination in Mexico.souvenirs from mexico
  6. Silver: Although not just silver, but Taxco Silver, which comes from a charming town, of that name, in which one of the oldest and most prolific silver-mining sites in Mexico is located. Renowned by its appealing craftsmanship and purity, you can find boutiques selling it everywhere.souvenirs from mexico
  7. Tequila and Mezcal: The most famous spirits from Mexico are the main ingredient of countless stories and memorable party-nights. Both liquors are made from agave and count with designation of origin in the country that created them.souvenirs from mexico
  8. Traditional Candy: Most of the recipes behind this savory treats date back to the Colony, and include natural ingredients like coconut, milk, sugar, and nuts.souvenirs from mexico
  9. Traditional Clothes: comfortable pieces of clothing, most of which are made from natural fibers, with amazing embroidery design. Include a Guayabera in your wardrobe, it is a piece that you could probably include in your everyday attire; or a Huipil with a flower-motif embroidery for the weekend.souvenirs from mexico
  10. Vanilla pods: As common as you might think this spice is, you should not dismiss it if you get a chance to buy some. Pure Mexican vanilla is far tastier is way tastier than any other you could find in the supermarket, and it will enthrall all your senses.souvenirs from mexico


Avoid the useless trinkets and get something that will really take you back to the great experience from a great vacation in Mexico, and remember to check the customs regulations to avoid a bad experience with your Mexican souvenirs when going back home.

Share with us your experience and which Mexican souvenirs you like the most.

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