Kan-Kanán Artificial Reef

Located in Dorado Royale Resort, Kan-Kanán is a friendly solution to the problem of the ecosystem ́s deterioration as a result of global climate changes.

This project resembles a snake that protects the coast, reflecting its Mayan name: "Guardian Serpent".

This reef is composed of 1,000 hollow pyramidal pieces (each of them, of approximately ten tons), made from concrete and micro-silica (material that allows nutrients to adhere, and as a consequence, they promote the regeneration of marine life).

In its totality, the structure covers a distance of 1.9 km, parallel to the coast of Punta Brava; its length being longer than the Brooklyn Bridge (1,825 km).

Its aim is to protect the coast from natural erosion and become the new habitat for many marine species.