Dolphin Swim and Ride / Cozumel

Duration 1 h

Description of Dolphin Swim and Ride / Cozumel

Have fun with this interactive experience, at an amazing dolphinarium. Swim with these friendly creatures in a unique cove in Cozumel.

A dynamic programme that invites you to learn and enjoy a great experience by the company of fascinating dolphins that will surprise you with acrobatic flips, give you a ride through their pool and befriend you with different activities that include kiss, hug, handshake, belly ride and free time with a snorkelling mask.

Simply and unforgettable moment; a tour that includes lifejacket, meal, and unlimited beverages.

An amazing swimming with dolphins interactive programme at Cozumel island that includes free time underwater wearing a s...

General information of Dolphin Swim and Ride / Cozumel

Monday to Saturday at 9:50 am, 10:35 am, 11:20 am, 12:05 pm, 12:50 pm, 1:35 pm, 2:20 pm, 3:05 pm, 3:50 pm and 4:35 pm

What is Included Dolphin Swim and Ride / Cozumel

-Orientation session (10 min)
-Interaction with the dolphin
-Kiss, hug, handshake and Belly Ride
-Free time underwater
-Lunch, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
-Life jacket
-Snorkeling mask

What is Not Included Dolphin Swim and Ride / Cozumel

-Photographs and videos
-Towel service
-Ground transportation

Recommendations of Dolphin Swim and Ride / Cozumel

-Swimming suit
-Change of clothes
-Extra cash

Regulations of Dolphin Swim and Ride / Cozumel

-Swimming skills are required to engage in this activity
-This activity is not recommended for pregnant women, or persons with heart or back problems.
-It is forbidden to wear swimming suits containing any kind of metal or accessory that may injure the dolphins.
-Video cameras, cell phones, jewellery, reading/sun glasses, reading glasses, caps or hats are forbidden within the dolphin?s pools for the safety of the participants and the dolphins
-The use of sunscreen and suntan lotions is not permitted in order to maintain the dolphin pools in the optimal conditions
-The use of lifejacket is mandatory during the activity.
-Additional water activities are subject to availability and favourable weather conditions.
-Alcoholic beverages service is exclusively for adults. (the dolphinarium?s staff may require the participant to present a valid ID with photo)
-Minimum age required: 6 years old
-Minimum height required: 4 ft.
-Children under 6 years old a/o under 4 ft. tall must be accompanied by a paying adult and may not be able to perform all the activities in the programme.

Policies of Dolphin Swim and Ride / Cozumel

Full refund will apply in the following cases:

      1. When the service is canceled by the supplier.

      2. Due to illness, presenting a doctor's report.

      3. The Cancellation or date change is made prior to 11:00 am the day before the service.

No refunds will apply:

      1. If the client does not show on the date and time of service.

Without transportation
Adults USD $ 125
Children USD $ 125
USD $ 250 250